Thursday, 11 April 2013

New Blog!


I have a new blog and I don't really post on this one as much now.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Of Monsters And Men @ Manchester Academy

Of Monsters and Men, are named after a reference to the novel by John Steinbeck, “Of Mice and Men.” They are a quintet of musicians from Iceland who were part of a music project started by lead singer Nanna to enter the Icelandic Músíktilraunir band competition. They won the competition and toured Iceland until catching their international break at a 2010 Iceland Airwaves festival.
And I saw Iceland's finest last night at Manchester Academy and as expected, they were bloody brilliant! When they appear on stage, their performance is so sincere with a lot of enthusiasm. The audience can see the pride that they have in their music. The Iceland flag also stood proudly near the drummer, as he enthusiastically waved his arms at the crowd to clap and sing along to the songs.
They began with Dirty Paws which I could have guessed due to it being the first song on the album and also has the line 'my head is an animal' included - which of course is their album title.
The set list I thought was great as after most of the slower songs there was an upbeat one after to contrast.
I would definitely recommend seeing Of Monster And Men and I really hope their at Leeds this year!

Monday, 25 February 2013

35th Record Of The Week

24th February 2013 The Strypes - You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover

The Strypes arent your average 16 year olds in a covers band, they've had Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller on the guest list! 'Wow. The guitarist is fucking amazing. Really raised my game that did' was Paul Wellers comment on seeing the band live. Their from Cavan in Ireland although you'd think they were coming out of the Cavern, Liverpool in 1962 from their look and sound.
Although they haven't even penned a song yet their live set is made up of perfect versions of R&B and blues classics such as I Got Love If You Want It and You Can't Judge By The Cover by Bo Diddley, give it a listen..

Thursday, 21 February 2013

2013's Festivals!


I have recently purchased my tickets for Leeds and Parklife 2013 so now I just need someone to drag along to Dot to Dot! I cannot wait now and there'll be stories and reviews coming from me over the summer after these events!
Just to add, I have been listening (obsessing) over Bastille for the last few weeks, as their album hasn't been released yet i've been listening to their full concert at last years iTunes Festival on repeat for I don't know how long now, i've found two absolutely incredible covers they did a couple of years ago, they both sound so much better live, give them a listen. DO IT.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

34th Record Of The Week

17th February 2013 Bastille - Pompeii

I'm firstly going to apologise that I haven't done one of these since November, theres no excuse for it I just got extremely lazy.
But i'm going to kick off 2013's ROTW with a band that i'm loving so so much at the moment. Bastille's album comes out March 4th and i've even got it written in my diary so i'm prepared, I haven't been this excited about a band in ages!
Like in many Bastille songs i've heard you can hear the prominant contrast between Dan Smith's lowering tone rolling over an amazing instrumental, this makes it (I think anyway) one of the brightest pop songs you'll hear in a while.
Bastille will shortly be coming to Manchester which I missed out on getting tickets for. Gutted.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Best Of 2012

I haven't actually listened to many new albums this (last) year, i've noted down the ones I really got into throughout the year then to notice a lot of them came out late 2011! So here is my short list of albums that I have listened to throughout 2012!

14. Spector - Enjoy It While It Lasts
13. Jessie Ware - Devotion

12. Marina And The Diamonds - Electra Heart

11. The Killers - Battleborn

10. Ellie Goulding - Halcyon

9. Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg

8. Mumford & Sons - Babel

7. Newton Faulkner - Write It On Your Skin

6. The Vaccines - Come Of Age

5. Two Door Cinema Club - Come Of Age

4. Of Monsters And Men - My Head Is An Animal

3. The Heartbreaks - Funtimes

2. Maximo Park - The National Health

1. Alt J - An Awesome Wave

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Childhood Albums

These three albums were my absolute favourite when I was younger. The latter maybe being more obvious for an 8 year old girl. I just used to listen to all the music my dad did and now we have exactly the same music taste, he even came with me to see Arctic Monkeys. I got my first IPod around this age as well and I must have played Morrissey's You Are The Quarry so many times on it. I didn't realise the depressing connotations then though as I used to run around singing 'How Could Anybody Know How I Feel' and 'The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores' - I bet people thought I was such a strange child.
KT Tunstall's Eye To The Tellescope also got played to the death. I used to love this album so so much. I found the CD the other day and it has just completely fallen apart. I always remember one horrible moment in my life when one of my friends came round from Primary school and I had it playing on my little pink stereo (I was so cool back in the day) She threw it across the room because she didn't like it - and put Mika on instead! I could have killed her. She likes Drake now anyway so look whos music taste turned out better.
You always had to choose, Busted or McFly. A bit like the whole 'One Direction and The Wanted' spat. It was always Busted. I also found this recently and was over the moon because I thought it had been thrown away. I think my brother actually liked them more than me, when we listened to it the other day he knew EVERY word. I vividly remember the day they split up. I was sat at my dining room table with my Dad and Grandad and there was a double page spread on it, I hated Charlie Simpson after that day.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Stupid Things That Stupid People Do At Gigs

I was inspried to write this whilst at The Heartbreaks' gig a couple of weeks ago and if you read my post on that then you'll know that the crowd were at their worst, so I thought I would run through some gig etiquette.
1. I don't mind people taking photos during gigs because we all do it - I only do it for this blog so I can prove that I actually went. But when you whip out your IPad and hold it up for the ENTIRE gig, I just want to punch you. It baffles me why some people pay to go to a gig when they could watch blurry footage in the comfort of their own home on YouTube? This happened to me when I saw Ellie Goulding and Nada Surf last month. SO ANNOYING.
2. Farting. Farting in a large crowd should be illegal. You can't move to catch your breath. Why do people think that this is acceptable? You have a couple thousand people surrounding you and the farts have nowhere to go.
3. You get to the show early. You get a good spot in the crowd - somewhere in the center, near the front of the stage. You're happy for 15 or 20 minutes then a late-arriving straggler is coming from behind. There's little you can do to stop them. Now, instead of watching the band, you're counting hairs on the back of your rival's head. In my case this is even worse because i'm a short arse at 5ft 3 and can hardly see anything anyway!

These are just a few of the things that irritate me at gigs, i'm sure there are a lot more!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Vamps!

I have been following this band for quite a few months now but i've only just had a chance to blog about them. They're an acoustic driven pop band who, with only 5 covers on YouTube have at present over 3.5m views - which is bloody brilliant really. They've not even done any original songs yet and they've got tumblr pages dedicated to them and all that malarkey that fangirls do.
The Vamps are made up of 3 guys, Brad, James and Tristen all of which are 17/18. You could compare them to a band that I absolutely love, Park Bench Society, sort of, although they are completely different genres. So you probably couldn't actually.
Their covers have consisted of a few One Direction, Taylor Swift and Conor Maynard songs as well as a bit of Justin Bieber. They're playing right into the hands of teeny boppers who love that sort of stuff, they do have incredible vocals though and always make songs sound their own, i'd love to hear them doing something more rock based. But I don't think thats their 'thing' really.
I do love their Bieber cover, they have completely slowed the song down and you actually listen to the lyrics. In my opinion its better than the original - but i'm not a huge fan of the biebs anyway!

The Vamps cover... Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Vaccines @ Manchester O2 Apollo

Embedded image permalink
Second row! Yessss!
Despite the large circle pit that streched from the left to right side of the Apollo it was incredible!
I had seen them twice before but never at one of their own gigs - Once at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend and supporting Arctic Monkeys. They came on quite late (for the Apollo anyway) at like 9.45pm which meant they only did an hour set, which was disapointing because we had to wait ages after the support acts finished at 9pm.
They had a few support acts, one of which was Deap Vally who I have been loving for the past few months. They really put on a solid performance for a fairly new band. The set was short but it got the crowd really pumped. The Vaccines came out and the crowd went insane - well we were just relieved they were actually coming after that wait. They started strong with No Hope and then into Wreckin Bar and Tiger Blood right after. One of the best parts of the night was All In White. It was powerful and took over the crowd. Everybody was singing along. The night ended with the brilliant Norgaard. Although the set was shorter than most would have liked, it was an amazing set by a band that won’t be playing the Apollo next time round, they'll be onto the arena!
Plus, I definitely got eye contact with Arni, result!

Record Of The Week 33

25th November 2012 Rhye - The Fall

I'm really ill this week so i'm not gonna write much but I love this song and I quite like how in the video it's the same person, the older woman just when she was younger and he's thinking back to what she used to be like when they fell in love and had fun together. Now they're older they have lost that somewere along they way and he is falling out of love with her.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Record Of The Week 32

18th November 2012 Ben Howard - Esmerelda

If you read my blog (There won't be many of you) then you'll know how much I love Ben Howard, I went to his gig on Monday and it was one of the best songs of the night, the whole Apollo just went silent to listen to his voice, it was a beautiful moment. I still haven't been able to get hold of The Burgh Island EP as its only available on download I think - I went into HMV to look for it as well :(
Esmerelda is a cold, autumnal track that definitely contrasts with his work on Every Kingdom. Even though he lost out on the Mercury Prize to Alt J, Ben Howard continues to prove his worth.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ben Howard @ Manchester Apollo

Ahh Ben Howard! I had been waiting for this gig since about March and I really didn't want it to disapoint! Although the support was pretty nonchant it was a decent gig. It was Willy Mason on first, and I only knew one song, and that song was the only one that was any good - supports are always crap though aren't they.
I saw Ben Howard at V Festival earlier on in the year and he was absolutely incredible, although I do think I would have enjoyed Monday night more if that hadn't of occured. He was brilliant and all but I did think the time he was on stage was a little too long, he seemed to be dragging songs out a bit and somebody needs to tell him not to sit down on stage, half the audience couldn't see him for about 15 minutes!
I really didn’t expect the Apollo to be as packed as it was. I take it that Ben and his bandmates were also a little taken back and pleasantly surprised by the turnout as well.  There was a fair bit of enthusiasm on display from the audience and more than a few shouts of 'I Love You Ben!' and 'Happy Birthday' - although it wasn't his birthday so it got quite awkward, the support act's guitarist (also named Ben) was 21 that day and quite a few misunderstood. By which Ben corrected by numerously saying 'It's not my fucking Birthday' in his lovely accent. He swore more than I thought he would - is it only me that loves hearing posh people swear?
Also, his band are incredible! They play so many instruments between the two of them, you look to the back of the stage the drummer will be sat there playing the guitar! India Bourne and Chris Bond helped create Every Kingdom, with India playing cello, Keys, Ukulele, Bass and contributing vocals and Percussion wheras Chris plays Guitars, Bass, Double bass, Drums, Percussion, Keys, Acoordian and also contributing to Vocals. Wow.
He did loads off the album as well of his new EP Burgh Island that has just been released, overall a very good gig and once he's got a second album under his belt I think he'll be unstopable.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Record Of The Week 31

11th November 2012 The Lottery Winners - Pillows

New favourite band! I saw The Lottery Winners last Friday when they supported The Heartbreaks in Manchester and they are definitely one of the best supports i've seen! Club Academy has the capacity of around 300 and at first everyone was near the back and it looked like there was about 50 people in the room. But after the lead singer had shouted some abuse at those stood at the back, the room completely filled up. Their sound has been described as 'Happy Music' - you couldn't stand there listening to it with a frown on your face. I've been looking for days now to find their album, cause I know they have one out but I just don't know where to buy it. If anyone has an insight to where I can get it - please let me know!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Maximo Park @ Manchester Ritz

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Terrible photo again, SORRY.
I saw Maximo Park on Tuesday and AHHH it was amazing! They played the Ritz in Manchester which i'd never been to before and I didn't realise how small it was, I panicked a bit going in through because the woman on the door scanned my ticket and just said bluntly it's fake. My heart just dropped then I ignored her and walked through anyway, dick head. We ended up getting second row so I had a lovely view of Paul's dancing. I have never seen anything like it - the keyboard player has a bit of a move as well but the rest were just stationary! I've heard a couple of times that Maximo Park's live shows are always incredible and they were so right! Some lad got headbutted next to me though, I felt so bad on him as he had an ice pack on his nose for the rest of the gig.
The support were some shitty French band, who had one song in English and although I did do a GCSE in the language there was no chance of me working out what was happening, and the wait for them to come on seemed like the LONGEST ever. I think it was because i've loved their albums for so so long and this being the first time seeing them I just wanted them to get on with it!
When I first looked at the set list a couple of days ago I thought that there were a lot more suff on there than most gigs - but then I realised that they didn't speak to the crowd much at first and each song ran into eachother, which I liked.
The gig itself was INCREDIBLE (if I haven't used that word enough already) Except for the songs off of the second album which i've never really liked, the band did Graffiti which is my favey and a load of others which you can read above ^ Overall a brilliant gig and I would definitely encourage anyone to see them if you have a chance!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ed Sheeran @ Manchester Apollo

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Last night was the fourth time that i've seen Ed Sheeran and as always he was brilliant, it was virtually the same gig i've seen before really - a man with his guitar but with a few extra songs and better staging. His supports weren't as good as they had been before though. In January, Abandoman played and did an amazing rap, the audience would throw items onto the stage and he would freestyle with them - it sounded so good! But this time there was a man that was virtually an older (crapper) Ed Sheeran. He was pretty boring to be honest. Although he did have an amazing voice as later on into the gig Ed collaborated with him. He was called Foy Vance they sang 'Kiss Me' which sounded incredible, he went onto do a cover of Nina Simone's 'Be My Husband' - every time I see Ed Sheeran I always wish he would do some of his old stuff. I'd love him to sing Cold Coffee, One Night or Sofa cause they are amazing songs, the last tour he did actually sing 'Homeless' which is my favourite but I suppose he has so many now the old ones just get forgotten about.
I always have trouble at gigs cause i'm so short but last night I had an incredible view! It's great when most of the crowd are your age and height, plus at the Apollo (because it is an old cinema) the floor is on a diagonal angle so wherever you're stood you get a good view. I can never get over how much control he has of a crowd, if you've been to an Ed Sheeran gig before you'll know what I mean! All the way through you're shouting stuff out and he incorporates us in the songs using a loop pedal. He really is a talented musician. Amazing!

Record Of The Week 30

4th November 2012 The 1975 - Sex

This is the first new band that i've been obsessed with in ages and I think they could turn into something big. Their EP 'Facedown' is a mix of genres with electronic sounds and poppy vocals in songs but then you get to this one 'Sex' which i've heard a lot recently on the radio and it takes you in an entirely other direction. It a much more rock based track with big drums and guitar riff. It could be an entirely different band, though it is a brilliant song!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Heartbreaks @ Manchester Club Academy


Apologies for the shit photographs but I feel awkward with my camera so I just have to use my Blackberry.
If you have read my blog over the past year (I don't think theres many of you) you'd know how much I love this band and how much i've wanted to see them live, and last night I finally did! I thought it would be brilliant in such a small venue but the crowd just pissed me off - It has actually inspired me to do a 'Stupid Things That Stupid People Do At Gigs' post, you should be expecting that very soon. Just constantly there was a stream of people walking infront of me and then turning around just being prats, other than that it was incredible!
The support act were 'The Lottery Winners' who were actually the best support i've seen. I was aware of them because theres a lad in my English class who wore a t-shirt of theres a couple of weeks ago and I had been meaning to figure out who they were since then. The lead singer looked like the front man from Of Monsters And Men and overall they were a really great band! And I thought it was great that they then went into the crowd and stood behind me for the rest of the gig.
Then it got really packed and The Heartbreaks came on stage, just as a 6ft man decided to stand in front of me. Great. But he soon moved and they ended up being brilliant playing most off their album 'Funtimes' and a few that I hadn't heard of. They did a version of 'Jealous Don't You Know' with just the guitar and ended on 'I Didn't Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You' with a rendition of the Whitney Houston song 'I Wanna Dnace With Somebody' - why not.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Alt J win Mercury Prize!

Alt J won the Mercury Prize and beat 11 other bands and their albums at the awards ceremony held last night in north London!
I knew Alt J would win - I said this in my post a few months ago when it was announced. I thought this because
1. Their album is definitely one of the best of the year
2. They're an obscure artist that not many people have heard of.
It is ALWAYS someone like this like last year PJ Harvey won instead of Elbow or even Adele!
I absolutely love Alt J though and they definitely deserved the award - I am going to see them in May and it should be epic!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Record Of The Week 29

28th October 2012 Feed Me and Crystal Fighters - Love Is All I Got

Feed Me and Crystal Fighters have joined forces for an unexpected collaboration on where electro-house is going. I had heard of Feed Me before as he recently took on the BBC Radio1 essential mix and has released 3 EPs. Although Crystal Fighters I am unaware of. It's a great song though and I heard this earlier in the week on Fearne Cotton's Radio 1 show!