Friday, 31 August 2012

Hoodie Allen - Feel The Love

I have been aware of Hoodie Allen for a while and I have specifically loved songs such as 'No Interuption' and 'You Are Not A Robot' which features the song by Marina and The Diamonds.
But I heard this one a couple of days ago and as it features my favourite song of the year so far by Rudimental and John Newman, I was obviously going to love it!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Gangnam Style.

I don't even, I can't think of anyway to describe this song.. and its video.
First of all he sounds like he's shouting 'condom style'...
What does Gangnam style even mean? is it like 'bajan style' that Cover Drive seem to know all about, and claim that Rihanna does too? I have no clue. It also has SO many views on YouTube, obvs because of it is incredible new musical talent - I can't even begin to describe his dancing.
WARNING - You will be scarred if you watch this video.


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Vaccines tour 2012!

Tickets for The Vaccines' November tour come out tomorrow! (But I got mine tonight cause i'm special - YES o2 Priority)
Plus they're doing a signing in Manchester on the 14th September for their album.


Green Day - Kill The DJ

I've loved Green Day for as long as I can remember and I think this new song is definitely a grower.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Record Of The Week 20

26th August Sia - Soon We'll Be Found

I've wanted to get this out there for quite a while now, well about 4 years. My dad has always been a massive fan of Sia (If you know the name it'll be from the David Guetta track 'Titanium' most probably) he saw her in 2008 and has played her songs around the house ever since. I thought i'd have this as my Record Of The Week as I heard that Aiden Grimshaw has covered her track 'Breathe Me' In my dad's words 'He should be deprived of food.' Bit harsh. Anyway, the original is always better.

This is definitely my favourite song from Sia!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

V Festival 2012!

Emeli Sande on The Main Stage

I was lucky enough to get tickets to V Festival Chelmsford last weekend and I can honestly say I had the best time EVER. I saw so many acts that I have wanted to see for ages and they were all amazing! (I also blogged about my camping experience at V which you can see here)
We entered in the arena at around 11am so we had time to look around and get our bearings, I then realised how far the walk would be between each stage - my poor feet.

Ben Howard on the 4Music Stage
The first act we saw was The Inspiral Carpets, they were quite good but had a different singer to the past few years who didn't sound as good as the usual. I had to see Clint Boon though!
Also I saw Emeli Sande for the third time, and although the best I saw her was at Radio 1s Hackney Weekend and you can tell how big she has gotten since then! The crowd sang every word as her voice filled the Main Stage - the Olympic Ceremony has definitely been a massive platform for her!
Also on that day I saw Labrinth, Newton Faulkner, NGHFB, The Stone Roses and my favey Ben Howard! He was INCREDIBLE (I was one of those geeks who sing every word and annoy the people around them) I loved how through the whole set he was genuinely happy and looked like he couldn't believe how many people were there! I'm even more excited for his tour in November now!
NGHFB on the Main Stage
Newton Faulkner in The Arena Tent
The Stone Roses on the Main Stage
The Second day brought a load more amazing acts such as:
Stooshie - They were really good! I was shocked as their songs sound so much better live.
Olly Murs - I have seen this man so many times I couldn't tell you, he seemed so happy to be playing in his home town though!
Miles Kane - Honestly incredible, he got the whole crowd going singing along to songs such as 'Inhaler' and 'Come Closer' I would definitely want to see him again!
The Enemy - I don't get this band, they have a few good songs but theres just something about them I really don't like
Frank Turner - This was just a massive sing along which I always enjoy, would love to see him again!
Noah & The Whale - I was actually really disapointed when this gig had finished because they were just bland. When i've seen them on TV it looked great - maybe they were having a bad day.
The Killers - I loved The Killers before V, and now I am obsessed with them. Brandon Flowers you absolute God. That is all I have to say.
Miles Kane on the 4Music Stage

Frank Turner on the 4Music Stage
The Killers on the Main Stage
We also had this delighful sight on the way home of a load of cows going for a walk across a bridge. Why not.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ibiza Music!

Embedded image permalinkI got back from my holiday in Ibiza last week and whilst i'd been in Es Cana, two amazing gigs had been going on only a few miles away from where we were staying - and I didn't go to either of them.
In the two weeks that I was there Chase & Status and Paolo Nutini played at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel (It's basically a hotel in San Antonio which holds gigs poolside throughout the summer) It was a family holiday and although I have been to gigs with my dad before such as Arctic Monkeys and Noel Gallagher, he refered to the headliner as 'Jason Status' so it wouldn't have gone down too well! I did however rip a poster off the wall next to a Pacha shop in another town close to where we were staying to keep, I did also see a Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend one but they were all in bars and I don't think they'd appreciate me hacking at one of their walls.
Radio 1 did their annual three night gig there which included DJs playing such as Annie Mac and Pete Tong - it would have been incredible!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Estocada/Something Good - New Alt J

I got really confused - although it doesn't take much. As to why I heard this new release today on the radio from Alt J, but the name had changed from Estocada (which it is on the album) to Something Good. Then I realised that Estocada must be something to do with bull riding because of the line 'Matador, estocada, you're my blood sport'
Anyway, its odd and they probably changed the name to make it more relatable as estocada is a spanish word that means stab/lunge.

That was a load of information that you probably didn't need to know.

Madness - New Muse!

This is definitely better than the song they did for London 2012!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Record Of The Week 19

19th August 2012 Mumford and Sons - I Will Wait

THEIR BACK and the sound of Mumford & Sons hasn't changed one bit which is what I love to hear! This song still has the banjos and the violins that make every song of theirs sound incredible like it's the first time you've heard it.
The track builds and progresses to the foot stomping beat that the band are known for. Mumford & Son's debut album took them to stages of festivals around the globe and this song is made for those crowds from the word go!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Record Of The Week 18

12th August 2012 Netsky - Love Has Gone

I've been listening to this track a lot over my hols in Ibiza and I love it - it's not what I would usually go for but I think the sun got to me because I became a bit obsessed with this song!

Friday, 10 August 2012

One Week till V!

I am still in Ibiza, so if my handy skills on blogspot have worked this should have been posted on Friday 10th.
This week i'm on a spanish island and next i'll be in a tent in Essex. But I can't tell you how excited I am for my first proper festival! - I can't count Hackney cause there was no tent involved. Seeing some of my favourite bands for the first time such as The Killers and The Stone Roses will be absolutely amazing!
Plus Ben, Ben Howard. I don't even know what i'll be like when I see him live. I'll be one of those people they catch on the TV sobbing their heart out.
There are so many people on that line up that I want to see!
Should be a good weekend before I crash back to reality and get my GCSE results back on the 23rd. eek.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Record Of The Week

5th August 2012 Phantom Limb - Good Fortune
I heard this band last week on Radio 1 and the tone of the song really reminds me of a band called 'Black Lights' who I saw last year. They have been noticed through BBC Introducing in Bristol and I do think its brilliant this song!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Coursework for Art + Design GCSE

This was my final piece for part of my art coursework last year. It is made completely out of gig tickets from places all over the UK. I also made a necklace type thing and a tote bag which I think I will make again using my favourite bands' tickets so I can use it.