Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sia & Flo!

I know these two songs have been around for a bit now but for me they were those that you hear slightly on the radio but never look them up, so, I decided to look them up. These women are two of my favourite singers and now they've colaborated with two great DJs they sound even better!

Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch
I really love this song as well as the video where Flo begins performing in a grotty strip club, dressed in a suit and with her hair slicked up. She then throws off the suit and strips down to her underwear. After Calvin's remix of 'Spectrum' I had high expectations for this track and it really does live up to them!

David Guetta - She Wolf ft. Sia
I love Sia, and her work with David Guetta has made me love him as well! They've made this genre of music sound so different and now it appeals to a greater audience so now I love it, as well as my mum! (Titanium is her fave)

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