Thursday, 26 April 2012

Record Of The Week 04

22nd April 2012 Dry The River - New Ceremony + Wretch 32 ft. Ed Sheeran - Hush Little Baby

I've chosen two songs this week because I think they are both amazing in their own right. They are completely different, first I heard New Ceremony's song a few weeks ago but didn't know what it was called until earlier this week when I heard it on xfm. Great song!

Wretch 32 ft. Ed Sheeran. I first heard this song on The Review Show on Radio 1 on a Wednesday a few weeks ago and it instantly made me wish that i'd bought Wretch's album so I could've heard it earlier. Ed Sheerans vocals make this song and it gives me goosebumps everytime I hear him singing his part. I love his voice and it instantly makes any song a hit.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Cavern Club - Liverpool!

I recently went to Liverpool to have a look around as i've never been before. As we tried to get into The Beatles museum after we realised Liverpool was just like Manchester but with a view of the river Mersey we realised we didn't have enough money so we went out to find something that was free so we stumbled across The Cavern Club. As many already know The Beatles played the first gig at The Cavern Club and it has been famous for this fact ever since. We went down the stairs and on the wall to the right was all the photos of people who have played there such as KT Tunstall, Adele and Radio 1 DJ Huw Stevens. We sat in for a while as people got up on the stage where The Beatles stood to sing their songs, it was great until the singer started flinging elastic bands at us. Around the back of the main club was a quieter section with small tables and a stage with a film on about The Beatles, you can't get away from them really.

We also went into a shop where they sold EVERYTHING that could possibly have anything to do with The Beatles, it was quite facinating really (even the carpet had a picture of them on)

Overall a great day in Liverpool!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Viva Brother split! :(

I feel like crying.

I can't believe (Viva) Brother have split up. I assume that it is after the amount of hate they have recieved from the public and press such as NME, I do love them though. I have seen this band four times and everytime they get the crowd going. And not a lot of bands do that well.

The first time I heard Brother was on the morning show 'Freshly Squeezed' with their song 'Darling Buds Of May' in late 2010 and I thought they were great from the start. The band announced that they had split up on their Official Twitter page shortly after 12noon today.  Many fans (like me) had believed that the announcement was an April Fools joke, but as everyone knows, if it's posted after 12 noon it's not a joke unfortunately.

They wrote on Twitter: 'Thank you to everyone that has ever supported us or believed. It has been an unbelievable journey. This is us signing off. Goodbye.'

Shortly after, the band then wrote that they'd 'leave you with one last song', before posting a video link to a new song titled 'I Don't Want To Be Loved' This song would be a whole new sound to Viva Brother and its a shame nobody will hear their new album which they had just finished weeks before.

The song's lyrics might give fans an insight into the band's emotions over recent months. The chorus appears to be the most revealing part, as Lee Newell sings "I don't want to be loved, but I need to be loved" and "if I snooze the alarm, will anybody notice I'm gone?".Although I am still slightly sceptical over this, because why would you record a 2nd album and finish it then decide to call it a day? I think that they have split up :(

Good Luck for the future boys,