Thursday, 27 September 2012

Salford Music Festival

I didn't go unfortunately, I was planning on going to one of the pubs near me to see a few acts that looked decent on Saturday night but then I realised that I already had plans. I wanted to go to The White Swan in Swinton as 'Beat The Bandit' looked like a really good new band with some decent original tracks. In their bio it says 'As a band, we concentrate on the instrumental aspect of our performance, with guitar riffs taking the front seat. We then back these up with powerful drum beats and unique vocals; producing all our own original material whilst keeping enough variation to keep the crowd interested.'

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Foo Fighters - Times Like These

I do like Foo Fighters, some of their songs are pretty decent but i'm just not a fan of half way through a song when they remember they're an American rock band and have to shout and scream as loud as possible. My all time favourite Foos song is 'Times Like These' and its just perfection when Dave Grohl did an acoustic version for Radio 1.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sia & Flo!

I know these two songs have been around for a bit now but for me they were those that you hear slightly on the radio but never look them up, so, I decided to look them up. These women are two of my favourite singers and now they've colaborated with two great DJs they sound even better!

Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch
I really love this song as well as the video where Flo begins performing in a grotty strip club, dressed in a suit and with her hair slicked up. She then throws off the suit and strips down to her underwear. After Calvin's remix of 'Spectrum' I had high expectations for this track and it really does live up to them!

David Guetta - She Wolf ft. Sia
I love Sia, and her work with David Guetta has made me love him as well! They've made this genre of music sound so different and now it appeals to a greater audience so now I love it, as well as my mum! (Titanium is her fave)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Record Of The Week 24

23rd September 2012 Bastille - Flaws

If you haven’t heard of Bastille then take a minute to listen to this track as its likely you will hear a lot more from the band cited by Gigwise as being 'Perhaps the most exciting prospect in indie for a long time' Also I really love this track!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Record Of The Week 23

16th September 2012 Tall Ships - Gallop

I heard this yesterday on Huw Stevens' show on Radio 1 and I loved it straight away. The track is taken from their debut album, Everything Touching, which is due out October 8th.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mercury Music Prize 2012!

Alt - J

The shortlist for the 2012 Mercury Music Prize has been anounced! The final award for the £20,000 prize will be announced on 1st November.
The nominations are..
Alt-J – 'An Awesome Wave'
Richard Hawley – 'Standing On The Sky’s Edge'
Plan B - 'Ill Manors'
Sam Lee – 'Ground Of Its Own'
Lianne La Havas – 'Is Your Love Big Enough?'
Django Django – 'Django Django'
The Macabees – 'Given To The Wild'
Ben Howard – 'Every Kingdom'
Jessie Ware – 'Devotion'
Roller Trio – 'Roller Trio'
Field Music – 'Plum'
Michael Kiwanuka – 'Home Again' I am well chuffed that two of my favourite albums Ben Howard's 'Every Kingdom' and Alt J's 'An Awesome Wave' have been nominated! But to be honest out of the two, I reckon Alt J have the advantage because it is ALWAYS an obscure artist! I like to see that I have actually heard of a lot of the list!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Record Of The Week 22

9th September 2012 Can't Stop Won't Stop - Up and Away ft. June

I know this was released like 7 months ago but I have only recently heard it. I heard it on a YouTube video from Jacksgap where they went to Ibiza (I have blogged about that before) from earlier in the year and I loved it so much I downloaded it - give it a listen!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Vaccines and Two Door Cinema Club albums!

I FINALLY got these two albums that I have been needing half the year, they are currently being transferred onto my IPod and I cannot wait to listen to them!
I have listened to a few songs off The Vaccines' album and they sound amazing at the moment. Unfortunately I couldn't go to their signing in Manchester on Tuesday because I ended up going out somewhere. Sad times.
ALSO unbeknown to me whilst I was sat at home in my pyjamas yesterday, Two Door Cinema Club did a signing in Manchester too! I went to buy the albums today and the man went They both did a signing here you know. THANKS FOR TELLING ME NOW MATE.
Anyway, The Vaccines seem to be taking the top spot in the charts at the moment!

Monday, 3 September 2012

New Releases

Today is a big day for new releases! The Vaccines and Two Door Cinema Club both have their second albums out but who do you think deseves the top spot?
Well I was looking forward to going to The Vaccines' signing in Manchester tomorrow until I was ditched so now I can't go unless I find someone who likes them enough to queue up for a few hours to meet them with me. Gutting for moi.
I shall be getting both albums tomorrow hopefully as well as The Hunger Games DVD! Yes, that also comes out today and although the books are a hell of a lot better than the film in my opinion. I do need that DVD in my life!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Record Of The Week 21

2nd September 2012 Walk The Moon - Anna Sun

I really like this song - and his dancing in the video is even better, only first heard it this week but with its poppy hooks and its pumped up choruses it's one that really sticks in your head.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Songs Of The Summer

So, it's the 1st September which means summer is practically over. It's not like we've had much of a summer though is it? no.
I've put together my favourite songs that have been released in summer 2012, I wouldn't say I have one song that completely transports me back to this summer. It's harder, today, to pinpoint one summer hit. 'Crazy', the debut from Gnarls Barkley, defined 2006. Other years suggest Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love' or Dizzee Rascal's 'Bonkers' for 2009. The years after are more difficult.
Will we ever have one particular 'Song Of The Summer' again?
With songs moving in and out of the chart so quickly nowadays a song doesn't stick around so much that people remember it, Carly Rae Jepson's 'Call Me Maybe' got to Number One and will be remembered, but not for good reasons.
Here are some of my favourites that i've been listening to this summer...

Rudimental ft. John Newman - Feel The Love
Anyone who has read my blog for months, knows how much I love this song! It got me through my exams and I still listen to it now to cheer myself up. Although I don't like any more of Rudimental's stuff - I would go to their gig just to hear this, and then probably leave.

The Vaccines - Teenage Icon
If this song showcases what 'The Vaccines Come Of Age' will sound like then they have definitely beaten the dreaded second album! I heard this song live at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend and although nobody really knew it, it was a three minute belter that launched a thousand beers into the air.

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks
This was one of those songs for me that you heard on the radio a few times, weeks and weeks ago but never actually knew what it was called or who sung it! I love this so much and it really reminds me of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros' song 'Home' but just a lot better.
(Their album has just come out - I would definitely recomend it!)

Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone
I just love them, I am probably slightly biased when I say everyone should love this band because I couldn't pick a bad sing out of their collection. The only reason I would dislike one of their songs would be because I have played it too much, but they well and truely deserve all the praise they get!

Alt J - Estocada/Something Good
I love Alt J, their album has becaome one that i've listened to the most over the summer. I definitely want to see Alt J sometime soon.

Lucy Rose - Lines
I have listened to this so much over the summer, especially when I was on holiday. It's quite ballady which I do like, I love a good calmingly slow song. It really shows off her wistful vocals, If you haven't already, definitely check out her other stuff!

Maximo Park - The Undercurrents
I have become even more obsessed with Maximo Park this summer because of their album release, as well as Alt J's, I have listened to 'The National Health' so so much. Bring on 6th November!

Porter Robinson - Language
I had heard of this song in about March because it was used as backing music to a radio show, It was always bugging me as to what it was called but ever since I found out I have listened to it all the time! I always used to think that I could only like a song if it had lyrics but this one shows you don't have too.

The Killers - Runaways
They're back and I saw their set at V Festival a few weeks ago and they sounded amazing! They're a propper band.

Dog Is Dead - Glochenspeil Song
I saw Dog Is Dead in May 2011 supporting another band at some small venue in Manchester and now the other band have split up, these guys are getting some recognition! I love this song sp much, it has a great summery vibe to it.

The Heartbreaks - Polly
This song hasn't officially been released yet I don't think but I bought their album when it first came out earlier in the year after reading about them in the M.E.N and it's ace! Polly is my favourite off the album and this could be the one to push them into the mainstream.

Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments
I never really thought much about Jessie Ware until I saw her in June at the Hackney Weekend and I realised how amazing she was, I love this song and I hope to get her album sometime soon!

Ellie Goulding ft. Tinie Tempah - Holding On
I've always loved Ellie Goulding's music but her voice sounds exceptional on this tune! I'm not sure if Tinie Tempah's rap ruins in slightly as her voice is so quaint then you get his harsh rapping about problems with indigestion which does spoil the atmosphere slightly but overall I think the song is incredible!

Newton Faulkner - Clouds
I thought that this new song was brilliant and I listen to it all the time as well as his new album 'Write It On Your Skin.' The unique sound of Newton’s voice is beautiful. The song has a catchy rhythm and with his easy laid back voice it sounds great.

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The Vaccines Get Reggae

Justin Young's vocal features on the track, 'If You Wanna' which was remixed and will feature on the debut album from The Shiptones, aka The Cribs' Chris Shipton. I think this is great, I love the remix!

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Ben Howard

We all just need to sit and appreciate this man for a minute.