Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ellie Goulding Album Launch - Manchester

(apologies for how blurry one of the photos are, it looks like it isn't my photo but it definitely is)
I went to Ellie Goulding's Album Launch yesterday in Manchester and it was great! I've always been a fan but I didn't expect to be going really. I've been to these signings before and thought that i'd have to get up really early if I wanted a wristband for the gig, as it was split into two where you didn't need a wristband for the album signing.
My friend went in the morning and got up at like 5am to try and get one of the 300 wristbands available. She got one, but there was only 150 people there in the queue (the people who were there since 4 must have been so gutted) As then I strolled in when i'd finished college at 1pm to find a wad of wristbands left. Plus, there was so many the man gave me two because he was trying to get rid of them!
So we got there and packed into this tiny room at the back of HMV Manchester. I instantly regretted wearing a jumper. It was like a gas chamber in there or something. She didn't come on until 5.30pm but when it started she sounded so lovely and grateful for us being there we didn't care for the 30 minute delay. The acoustic set started with two new songs off Halcyon called My Blood and another which I reckoned took inspiration from her relationship with Greg James named I Know You Care Then she went onto Starry Eyed off her debut and the short but intimate gig in the basement of HMV drew to a close with newly released single Anything Could Happen - which debuted at No. 5 in the single charts on sunday. She didn't really sing the last song as the croud did most of it - she looked so overwelmed by it all.
There was this man though, with an IPad in the air the whole time. Who does that?! I might as well have not gone to the gig and just watched his videos after - because he got it all on there! (So now most of my photos have an IPad in the middle of them unfortunately) Coming off stage she said 'This is actually one of the funnest things i've done in a while.'
A few minutes later she came back to sign albums, I always get so awkward when I go to these things so I kinda just shuffled along and didn't really say much. I really enjoyed it though and more bands/singers should definitely do this as I get to go to free gigs!

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  1. Still full of jealousy Lucy! I love how we both wrote about it on the same day haha-