Monday, 1 October 2012

Record Of The Week 25

30th September 2012 Jake Bugg - Two Fingers

When I first heard of Jake Bugg in like April I really didn't like him. I don't know why but his voice on Lightning Bolt just irritated me, and people were so shocked when I said that because everyone thought he was the 'future of music' - according to Noel Gallagher anyway.
My opinion completely changed of him when 'Taste It' came out and I then realised why everyone loved his voice! He does sound miserable though. I was listening to his interview with Fearne Cotton on Wednesday for Radio 1 and he sounds so bored. But he's decent singer songwriter so that doesn't matter really does it (plus he's from Nottingham so it's probably his accent)
This new single is brilliant and it really speaks volumes, which are shown even more when you watch the video!

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