Thursday, 5 July 2012

One Direction @ Manchester Apollo


I do like One Direction a lot, but this really wasn't my sort of thing. I enjoy pop gigs and I thought their album was actually very good. Especially the song 'Memories' which was my favourite part of the gig. I think it may have been where we were sat which was a lot of the problem as we had to dodge girls' posters saying 'Marry Me' or 'I love Louis' and I don't understand why people make posters that just have pictures of the bands face on them. They know what they look like so they don't need pictures of their own faces being flung towards them really..
They sounded great as usual but it was all a bit too much cheese for me and I didn't leave the gig on a high which is what always happens + we went to the 'matinee' show at 1pm meaning it was just going dark when we came out. Thats not right is it.

If you went to this gig/one of their gigs before or just generally want to give me your opinion pop us a comment below :)

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