Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ed Sheeran @ Manchester Academy

One of the BEST gigs that I have been to, from the supporting acts to the full performance.
There were 2 supports, one which was obvious why he picked (I can't remember his name) it was a Singer/Songwriter who used a loop pedal - Just like Ed and the second was an act that I have never seen before and they really were brilliant! They came on saying they were a hip hop group so we thought we wouldn't really like them but we really didn't know what we were in for at that point. They did a freestyle rap about what the audience had in their pocket - everyone just got stuff out of their pocket/bag and chucked it on stage. I didn't know how to describe it so heres a video of when I saw them off youtube...

After that, we were waiting for Ed Sheeran to come on, and as always he was amazing. He is the only person i've seen that can make a song last about 15 minutes. It is quite sad that I know most of the different versions as well. I do think he makes some of them up as he goes along though! He had cut his fingers so neaded to borrow a guitar pick from the audience which he said 'I haven't used one of these since I was 12' following part of a Green Day song saying it was the first thing that he'd learnt on guitar. He brought out a rapper with him to do Little Lady which I can't listen to - It makes you realise what the song is actually about. But other than that it was an amazing gig!

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