Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Wombats @ Manchester o2 Apollo

This band are up there as one of the most enjoyable gigs I have been to.

They are under-rated and deserve much more recognition than they get in the charts and the radio. The support acts were decent, I knew a few of the songs by Morning Parade and i really enjoyed the second support who were called 'Team Me'. They wore brightly coloured clothing and had feathers in their hair. They where Norweigan i think...so the wait in a sweaty crowd was worth it. The crowd went mental as we stood a few rows from the front, waiting for them to come on. We were bouncing about the place already to one of the supports songs and already I stunk beer which resulted in me having to throw out one of my favourite shirts that was stained, although it was a brilliant gig so I got over it.
From the first song, Our Perfect Disease, to the last Lets Dance to Joy Division, the crowd jumped and sang to every note. With the light show complimenting the energetic atmosphere in the theatre, it overall was a great night out!
They sound as good live as they do on a CD, although I woke up without legs it was worth every bit! Ticket prices were also very reasonable. The white suits were a good touch too.

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