Friday, 15 June 2012

Arctic Monkeys @ M.E.N Arena

Amazing gig!

Although I was sat in block 108 which was like right at the back of the M.E.N It felt as though we were on the front row, the atmosphere in there was amazing. The Vaccines were the support act who played their whole album as it only takes about half an hour as well as 'Tiger Blood' which is one of my faves. Because The Vaccines didn't have the whole staging up and all the lighting we kinda felt a bit out of it because they were so far away so I would love to see them in a smaller venue.
They came on and got the crowd going, and at one point got the left and right side of the arena shouting at each other. Brilliant.
They sang all of the hits except for 'A Certain Romance' which I was a bit gutted about because it is probably my favourite song of theirs and also a lot of the stuff off of the new album 'Suck It And See' which in my opinion has the worst album cover ever, but they're obviously not arsed.
Alex Turner was looking gorgeous as ever although from where I was standing it could have been an impersonater.
Overall very good, one of the best ones I have been to!

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