Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tinie Tempah @ M.E.N Arena

I was so surprised as to how much I actually enjoyed this gig. I bought his album when it came out but never ended up listening to it until like a week before. I always have to know the songs before I go to gig because I don't think its as good if they're brand new to you. Theres nothing to have a sing along to.
His support was J Cole who I had never heard of, but my friend said that he's good and i'd like him. I didn't. We ended up going for a walk around the M.E.N before it started to heal the boredom.
He came on at first wearing this outfit shown on the photo above ^ which I though was odd but we saw as he does jump about a lot, that it looks a lot better when he had all those lace type things attached to his back.
We were sat on the right hand side of the arena quite low down so we had a decent view anyway but then we noticed a load of the quards in those bright yellow jumpers all lined up as barriers for a walkway, then all of the lights went off and he appeared on the centre stage where he did an acoustic set of some of his songs. Also as it was his birthday so his manager came up onto that little stage and got the 12,000 of us to sing Happy Birthday to him, aw.
He did all of the hits as well as my favourite off the album 'Snap' and I was pleasently surprised as to how good this gig was. I didn't think seeing someone of his genre would be as good as this was!

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