Sunday, 29 July 2012

Holiday time!

If blogspot has actually done something right for once this post should have been published at 4.00pm on Sunday 29th July. If so, it is OFFICIALLY holiday time for me although I will be shitting myself for the flight to Ibiza coming up. As you read this I will be scanning through the booklet on the plane on what to do in case of emergency and tightening my belt.
I have been to Ibiza about 6 times now and we always go to Es Cana, although we have travelled around the island before. We love it there and is so peaceful compared to what the night life is like in Ibiza. I won't be seeing any of that though seen as how i'm too young. And i'm going with my family.

Two weeks of sun shall be brilliant after all the stress of exams and general life!
(so there will be minimal posts)

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