Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Heartbreaks @ Manchester Club Academy


Apologies for the shit photographs but I feel awkward with my camera so I just have to use my Blackberry.
If you have read my blog over the past year (I don't think theres many of you) you'd know how much I love this band and how much i've wanted to see them live, and last night I finally did! I thought it would be brilliant in such a small venue but the crowd just pissed me off - It has actually inspired me to do a 'Stupid Things That Stupid People Do At Gigs' post, you should be expecting that very soon. Just constantly there was a stream of people walking infront of me and then turning around just being prats, other than that it was incredible!
The support act were 'The Lottery Winners' who were actually the best support i've seen. I was aware of them because theres a lad in my English class who wore a t-shirt of theres a couple of weeks ago and I had been meaning to figure out who they were since then. The lead singer looked like the front man from Of Monsters And Men and overall they were a really great band! And I thought it was great that they then went into the crowd and stood behind me for the rest of the gig.
Then it got really packed and The Heartbreaks came on stage, just as a 6ft man decided to stand in front of me. Great. But he soon moved and they ended up being brilliant playing most off their album 'Funtimes' and a few that I hadn't heard of. They did a version of 'Jealous Don't You Know' with just the guitar and ended on 'I Didn't Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You' with a rendition of the Whitney Houston song 'I Wanna Dnace With Somebody' - why not.

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