Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Vamps!

I have been following this band for quite a few months now but i've only just had a chance to blog about them. They're an acoustic driven pop band who, with only 5 covers on YouTube have at present over 3.5m views - which is bloody brilliant really. They've not even done any original songs yet and they've got tumblr pages dedicated to them and all that malarkey that fangirls do.
The Vamps are made up of 3 guys, Brad, James and Tristen all of which are 17/18. You could compare them to a band that I absolutely love, Park Bench Society, sort of, although they are completely different genres. So you probably couldn't actually.
Their covers have consisted of a few One Direction, Taylor Swift and Conor Maynard songs as well as a bit of Justin Bieber. They're playing right into the hands of teeny boppers who love that sort of stuff, they do have incredible vocals though and always make songs sound their own, i'd love to hear them doing something more rock based. But I don't think thats their 'thing' really.
I do love their Bieber cover, they have completely slowed the song down and you actually listen to the lyrics. In my opinion its better than the original - but i'm not a huge fan of the biebs anyway!

The Vamps cover... Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me

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