Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ben Howard @ Manchester Apollo

Ahh Ben Howard! I had been waiting for this gig since about March and I really didn't want it to disapoint! Although the support was pretty nonchant it was a decent gig. It was Willy Mason on first, and I only knew one song, and that song was the only one that was any good - supports are always crap though aren't they.
I saw Ben Howard at V Festival earlier on in the year and he was absolutely incredible, although I do think I would have enjoyed Monday night more if that hadn't of occured. He was brilliant and all but I did think the time he was on stage was a little too long, he seemed to be dragging songs out a bit and somebody needs to tell him not to sit down on stage, half the audience couldn't see him for about 15 minutes!
I really didn’t expect the Apollo to be as packed as it was. I take it that Ben and his bandmates were also a little taken back and pleasantly surprised by the turnout as well.  There was a fair bit of enthusiasm on display from the audience and more than a few shouts of 'I Love You Ben!' and 'Happy Birthday' - although it wasn't his birthday so it got quite awkward, the support act's guitarist (also named Ben) was 21 that day and quite a few misunderstood. By which Ben corrected by numerously saying 'It's not my fucking Birthday' in his lovely accent. He swore more than I thought he would - is it only me that loves hearing posh people swear?
Also, his band are incredible! They play so many instruments between the two of them, you look to the back of the stage the drummer will be sat there playing the guitar! India Bourne and Chris Bond helped create Every Kingdom, with India playing cello, Keys, Ukulele, Bass and contributing vocals and Percussion wheras Chris plays Guitars, Bass, Double bass, Drums, Percussion, Keys, Acoordian and also contributing to Vocals. Wow.
He did loads off the album as well of his new EP Burgh Island that has just been released, overall a very good gig and once he's got a second album under his belt I think he'll be unstopable.

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