Sunday, 11 November 2012

Record Of The Week 31

11th November 2012 The Lottery Winners - Pillows

New favourite band! I saw The Lottery Winners last Friday when they supported The Heartbreaks in Manchester and they are definitely one of the best supports i've seen! Club Academy has the capacity of around 300 and at first everyone was near the back and it looked like there was about 50 people in the room. But after the lead singer had shouted some abuse at those stood at the back, the room completely filled up. Their sound has been described as 'Happy Music' - you couldn't stand there listening to it with a frown on your face. I've been looking for days now to find their album, cause I know they have one out but I just don't know where to buy it. If anyone has an insight to where I can get it - please let me know!

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