Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ed Sheeran @ Manchester Apollo

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Last night was the fourth time that i've seen Ed Sheeran and as always he was brilliant, it was virtually the same gig i've seen before really - a man with his guitar but with a few extra songs and better staging. His supports weren't as good as they had been before though. In January, Abandoman played and did an amazing rap, the audience would throw items onto the stage and he would freestyle with them - it sounded so good! But this time there was a man that was virtually an older (crapper) Ed Sheeran. He was pretty boring to be honest. Although he did have an amazing voice as later on into the gig Ed collaborated with him. He was called Foy Vance they sang 'Kiss Me' which sounded incredible, he went onto do a cover of Nina Simone's 'Be My Husband' - every time I see Ed Sheeran I always wish he would do some of his old stuff. I'd love him to sing Cold Coffee, One Night or Sofa cause they are amazing songs, the last tour he did actually sing 'Homeless' which is my favourite but I suppose he has so many now the old ones just get forgotten about.
I always have trouble at gigs cause i'm so short but last night I had an incredible view! It's great when most of the crowd are your age and height, plus at the Apollo (because it is an old cinema) the floor is on a diagonal angle so wherever you're stood you get a good view. I can never get over how much control he has of a crowd, if you've been to an Ed Sheeran gig before you'll know what I mean! All the way through you're shouting stuff out and he incorporates us in the songs using a loop pedal. He really is a talented musician. Amazing!

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