Thursday, 8 November 2012

Maximo Park @ Manchester Ritz

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Terrible photo again, SORRY.
I saw Maximo Park on Tuesday and AHHH it was amazing! They played the Ritz in Manchester which i'd never been to before and I didn't realise how small it was, I panicked a bit going in through because the woman on the door scanned my ticket and just said bluntly it's fake. My heart just dropped then I ignored her and walked through anyway, dick head. We ended up getting second row so I had a lovely view of Paul's dancing. I have never seen anything like it - the keyboard player has a bit of a move as well but the rest were just stationary! I've heard a couple of times that Maximo Park's live shows are always incredible and they were so right! Some lad got headbutted next to me though, I felt so bad on him as he had an ice pack on his nose for the rest of the gig.
The support were some shitty French band, who had one song in English and although I did do a GCSE in the language there was no chance of me working out what was happening, and the wait for them to come on seemed like the LONGEST ever. I think it was because i've loved their albums for so so long and this being the first time seeing them I just wanted them to get on with it!
When I first looked at the set list a couple of days ago I thought that there were a lot more suff on there than most gigs - but then I realised that they didn't speak to the crowd much at first and each song ran into eachother, which I liked.
The gig itself was INCREDIBLE (if I haven't used that word enough already) Except for the songs off of the second album which i've never really liked, the band did Graffiti which is my favey and a load of others which you can read above ^ Overall a brilliant gig and I would definitely encourage anyone to see them if you have a chance!

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