Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Wanted @ M.E.N Arena

Just 2 years ago, collectively the names Jay, Tom, Max, Nathan and Siva would have meant nothing to 99.9% of the population, but just 24 months later and the boys have embarked on their first arena tour across the UK and Ireland.
As I have always been a fan of The Wanted, I am biased to how good this gig was and they could do nothing wrong in my eyes.
As I went to one of the first two shows in Manchester they played Last to Know, however after this they changed the set and replaced this with The Weekend. The boys then continued to mix songs from the old album with that of the new.
After another costume change the 5 boys walked through the crowd to the stage (accompanied by a lot of security though) ready for their Coldplay cover medley. A rather surprising choice of cover for some people, but it has to be said it was one of the highlights of the whole nights. Viva la Vida, Every Teardrop is a waterfall, Paradise and then Fix You which the lads brought out their instruments for.
The final four songs got the best reaction of the night including Say it on the Radio which despite not being released as a single is definitely my favourite off the first album.
Ending the night on probably the most apt song of the night Glad You Came - I LOVED IT.

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